Black Ants

Call Pest Guard (Australia) Adelaide today to help solve your pest problemsBlack Ants are social insects that live in more or less permanent sites.

Colony sizes vary enormously and are mostly located in soil, under paths and pavers and throughout the gardens.

However ants become problematic by setting up colonies and nests in our homes and structure areas, such as, wall cavities and ceiling voids are common.

As well as the general 'nuisance' aspects, there are instances of ants physically carrying on their bodies or in their digestive tract diseases causing organisms.  This health risk of ants scavaging through aseptic sterile premises, kitchens and foodhandling areas should not be overlooked.

Effective Black Ant control methods employed by Pest Guard (Aust)

-    Baiting

-    Direct treatment of nests

-    Barriers that interfere between the nest and possible food sources.

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