Call Pest Guard (Australia) Adelaide today to help solve your pest problemsCockroaches are one of the most common pests in households and businesses.

They tend to favour conditions similar to those that humans create, which is why effective cockroach management in South Australia is so important.

Cockroaches can contaminate food utensils and preparation areas with droppings, vomit and cast skins.

Additionally wherever a cockroach infestation occurs it is usually accompanied with a foul odour, caused by their droppings, vomit and bodily secretions.

Current legislation requires all food businesses to provide a kitchen free of pests, an easy way to this is for Pest Guard (Aust) to provide you with a compliant cockroach management programme.

Cockroach Management Control

-    Gel baits (very little disruption)

-    Residual Synthetic Pyrethroids

-    Insecticidal Dusts

-    Glue Boards - (Monitoring Activitiy)

Typically you are likely to get one of three common species in your home or business.

These are:

-    The Australia Cockroach

-    The American Cockroach

-    German Cockroach

pic of the three cockroaches?????

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