Call Pest Guard (Australia) Adelaide today to help solve your pest problemsAdult fleas are small (1.5-4.0mm long) red to brownish coloured insects, equiped with piercing and sucking mouth parts.

Fleas have well developed hindlegs facilitating their very powerful jumping ability.  They can be found on mammals (eg.; cats, dogs, pigs and birds).

Where a flea infestation is troublesome in domestic residences, most flea bites occur around the ankles and lower legs and arms.

Flea Control Service

-    Organise treatment of pets (for adult flea control)

-    Through sanitation and hygiene  practices (vacuuming and cleaning to areas favoured by pets and your carpets)


-    lawns to be cut back

-    application of insecticides, carefully aiming at all the possible habitats that larvae maybe harbouring


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